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Roll-Off Compactors
Pacific Compactor Corporation has been proudly providing our customers with compactors manufactured by Nedland Industries for over 35 years. The quality and craftsmanship make them a clear leader in the industry. If you ask should never buy anything but a Nedland compactor. However, if your architect or project manager has specified another product, we'll be happy to provide a quotation to furnish and install. 
Specialty Compactors
These compactors are designed for a variety of applications, waste types and volumes. With compaction ratios as high as 7:1, you will benefit from a reduction in hauling costs (as much as 70%) and a reduction in the number of bins required to service the property.
Recycling Balers
Purchasing a recycling baler can be a time consuming task. There are dozens of manufacturers that build a wide array of models. Many factors go into the selection of the right baler. Size of installation area, electrical service, material type, volume and feed type are just a few decisions to be made. Are you looking to create an revenue stream or simply manage the material? We can help get you the right information for your application. Anything from a 30" vertical stock room baler to a two-ram auto-tie horizontal baler. 
Project Anchor
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