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Recycling Balers

Purchasing a baler to handle your recyclable products can be challenging. There are dozens of manufacturers that build a huge array of models each designed for a variety of materials, handling processes and bale sizes. There are vertical balers, horizontal balers, two-ram balers, hydraulic balers, downstroke balers, manual-ties balers, compact balers, and more.

Some typical materials to bale would include: Aluminum, Cans, Cardboard, Clothing, Auto Scrap, Metal, Paper, Textile and even Tires 


Contact us so we can review your project and provide you with the best solution. 

  • Available with front load
    and rear load containers

  • 7 to 1 compaction ratio

  • Fast 42 second cycle time

  • The unique counter-balanced loading door is easy to open

  • Safety switches disable the
    machine when the loading

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