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Indoor Compactors

The Inside Power Packer is the perfect waste control system for high volume waste management. Main features include:

  • Save 40%-70% on your waste handling bills

  • No need for a special dumpster

  • Better security for your business and employees

  • Fewer trips to your outside dumpster

  • Your waste is compacted up to 1/25th of the original volume

  • Power Packer keeps your place of business much neater and cleaner

  • Up to 25 bags or piles of waste now become one neatly wrapped cube

Underchute Compactors

These compactors are ideally suited for high-rise applications, such as apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and office buildings. With a one-sided container connection system standard on every machine, you can easily connect and disconnect the container to the compactor, despite tight space constraints.

Heavy duty steel impact plates keep your compactor running for decades.

  • PLC controlled power unit

  • E-stop button

  • Automatic single cycle

  • Auto/manual selector

  • Key lock on/off switch

  • Low oil sensor shutdown

  • Multi-cycle

  • 80% - 100% full lights

  • 15' remote

  • Automatic shutdown 

  • Fluid level and temp gauge

  • Fluid filled pressure gauge

  • Inlet fluid strainer

  • 15’ hydraulic hoses

  • Left or right side hydraulic connections

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil

  • Submersible power unit

Vertical Compactors

Is coral or loading dock space limited?  The P200 vertical compactor can save a considerable amount of space. Easy for maintenance staff to use and can fit up to 14 cubic yards of trash into a 2 cubic yard bin. Standard configuration uses a 2 HP 110/220V motor.

  • Available with front load
    and rear load containers

  • 7 to 1 compaction ratio

  • Fast 42 second cycle time

  • The unique counter-balanced loading door is easy to open

  • Safety switches disable the
    machine when the loading

  • Key lock controls prevent unsafe, unauthorized operation

  • Compaction pressure is held until the next time you need to load, the end result is more room to load more solid waste

  • Dual cylinders produce 21,200
    lbs. of maximum ram pressure

  • 3” twin cylinders 

P200 Vertical Compactor.jpg
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