Need Equipment? No Capital Budget?

There is tremendous competition within most organizations for capital funds. It is often hard to justify non-budgeted items or improvements like trash compactors, bins, balers and other waste equipment. Pacific Compactor can reduce and even eliminate the need to invest up front capital funds in waste handling equipment. Simply contract with us for a "Total Waste Management Package" that will supply all the equipment, delivery, installation, training, and maintenance for all your waste equipment needs.

No Costly Repairs Or Up-Keep

Pacific Compactor can take care of the annual scheduled maintenance on the equipment you need. No need for spare parts, mechanics, or extra staff to take care of machinery or maintenance records. Maintenance programs can easily be rolled into leasing packages.

Tax Write Offs

In most states, all rental and leasing payments are tax deductible and are counted as "pre-tax operating expenses." Be sure to check with your accountant for details.

Our financing packages won't tie up your cash flow

Since renting or leasing equipment creates affordable monthly payments, you can benefit immediately from cost reductions and efficiencies with your new equipment. For example, trash compactors usually pay for themselves immediately by significantly reducing your monthly trash/waste hauling bill.


Renting or leasing will allow you to easily add to or modify your equipment to match any change in your waste handling volume or processes. Pacific Compactor can handle all your waste handling needs moving forward.